Trend In White Wash Ceiling

The white wash ceiling is a simple and neutral option. But is a white roof in our house always the best? Well, it does not have to. It is clear that it is the least compromised decision and that it is very valid for those who do not want to risk in decorating their home. But maybe we should consider other options if we want to give a spatial and personal air to our home, do not you think?

High White Wash Ceiling

White wash ceiling with wood applications has the ability to move to another era. Of course, we need a room with a certain size to provide that atmosphere so characteristic that creates the wood. We recommend, however, that the roof does not have wood in its entire surface. But that it is combine creating a pattern. An ideal option for rooms with high ceilings that seek to create a romantic and classic atmosphere.

Another common resource that has become a trend in the proposals of the interior designers is to use the same colored white wash ceiling and wall. So that there is continuity between both surfaces. In this way you can play with the limits of space or create different functional areas within the same room. As when we want to differentiate a dining area within a room.

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12 Trend In White Wash Ceiling Photos