Take Advantage Of Your Basement Ceiling Height

When we talk about basement ceiling height we should not only think of those palatial-looking interiors with towering windows and very high ceilings. Having a height of 3 m is already a luck today (most common floors have around 2.4 m). Heights of this magnitude already allow using resources to take a great advantage of the space. And create really interesting environments.

Basement Ceiling Height Color

For this, the use of false ceilings will be an ideal mechanism because it will allow us to enjoy. At least, two levels on the ceilings. With this, we can give movement to the space. Creating transitions that will make the circulations between the rooms of the house much richer. Playing with false basement ceiling height is always recommended . And we can take advantage of the areas where the roof goes down to create an extra storage space.

We have, however, made accessible this space that is between the false ceiling and the floor. Either by a trapdoor that we leave in the basement ceiling height .Or by some doors that we access from the adjacent space of greater height. We can also use the lowest level of ceiling for the passage of facilities. Or to place recessed lighting, footlights and any other type of light that does not go on the surface.

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