How Doing White Washed Wood Ceiling

White Washed Wood Ceiling – In some houses, they still have wooden ceilings. They are usually composed of agglomerate plates and wooden beams. In that case, we suggest you paint the ceiling. We will need a water-based multi-use primer, buckets, non-drip short-haired roller, cut-out brush, a telescopic handle and a satin acrylic enamel. And to get the best possible finish we give you the following recommendations: We mark with bodybuilding tape the part that we are going to work.

White Washed Wood Ceiling Plans

We will also protect with plastic the surfaces that we do not want to stain. We will pass fine-grained sandpaper on this white washed wood ceiling area. If we use a sander with a delta shape, it will be much easier to reach the complicated areas. Then we remove the powder with a brush. Before we start painting we will give a layer of multi-purpose water primer. In this way, we will achieve a perfect finish on the wood. The next will be to apply acrylic enamel to the water. Which is suitable both to protect interior and exterior surfaces.

To reach the corners and areas of union we will help with a brush. We will give the white washed wood ceiling a couple of layers of enamel using the short hair roller and always respecting the drying times between one and the other. In the event that you intend to paint the wooden ceiling in the kitchen.

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