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Francois Pinton

Philippine Pinton incorporates her father’s reverence for a sense of the “creator’s touch” in his daring designs by keeping the classic, beloved line fresh with her “new touch” and inspiration.

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From Philippine Pinton…

“François Pinton was created in 1932 by my grandfather, Robert Pinton.Through his professionalism, his know-how, the refinement and quality of his creations, Robert Pinton earned the esteem of famous people like Jacky Kennedy Aristotle Onassis, Grace Kelly.  Marlene Dietrich wrote about him ‘You are the only man I’ve ever been faithful to…’

My father developed the business and opened it to an international dimension. He developed the collection by incorporating vintage designs and a certain sense of the ‘creator’s touch’ through use of daring colors and shapes.

The third generation has arrived, after ‘fashion design’ studies. Borrowing from many influences, I bring a new touch, my own touch, my own inspiration. I get inspired by everything I see; something like a torn-up sticker or a concert poster on a wall could become a source of inspiration.”

View François Pinton online: www.pinton.fr