Coating Ceiling Soffit

Ceiling soffit – Over time, the rubber membrane on a roof will deteriorate, which leakage needs to be repaired. Extreme weather conditions can tear rubber. The resulting patch repairs can look ugly. Apply a coating over the rubber membrane to create a uniform appearance that fixes the aesthetics and extend the life of the roof membrane. A liquid rubber coating is easy to apply if you follow the correct surface preparation technician.

Modern Ceiling Soffit


Sweep ceiling soffit with a push brush to clear all loose garbage from the surface. Pour the solution over fungal growth. Let the solution evaporate naturally. Remove silicone-based sealants from any part of the membrane that you want to coat. Silicone prevents adhesion of the rubber coating.

Cover tears and exposed edges in the ceiling soffit diaphragm with lengths of butyl tape. Use a seam roll over the surface to firmly adhere to the tape. Regulate any loose rubber to the roof deck with roof tar. Allows it to dry before a rubber coating. Mark an 80 square foot section of the ceiling using a tape measure and a chalk line. Pour 2 liters of liquid rubber coating into a 4 liter container. Place the mixing shaft fastening on the drill. Place the shaft into the center of the container. Turn on the drill. Pour into rubber activator. Continue mixing for 15 minutes.

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