Affordable 42 Inch Cabinets 8 Foot Ceiling

High ceilings are generally considered an asset in a space. However, if you have a kitchen with high ceilings, this situation can pose a challenge in determining configuration of room. What are you doing with that odd space on left above 42 inch cabinets 8 foot ceiling? How do I light room properly? How can you use this extra space for vertical storage? Consider these strategies to remodel a kitchen with high ceilings. In kitchens with average height, around 8 feet, cabinets often extend to ceiling or meet with a small ceiling.

42 Inch Cabinets 8 Foot Ceiling Install

However, if your kitchen has a high ceiling, extending your cabinets to suit it can be realistic. 42 inch cabinets 8 foot ceiling would have to be order in custom sizes, which is more expensive than standard cabinet sizes. Also, you would not be able to reach upper shelves, requiring a stool, which is not practical when you are in middle of preparing dinner. Instead, install typical height cabinets (about 7 feet, 6 inches from floor to top of cabinet) and make creative use of previous space.

It is use to display art objects such as sculptures, potted plants. Use space for kitchen items from store that is rarely use in attractive boxes. If you do not want empty space above 42 inch cabinets 8 foot ceiling. Install a ceiling light that forms a cove ceiling to mediate difference in ceiling height. Which will bring scale of room a bit to a more welcoming environment. Another option that is cheaper is to install deep molding in your kitchen, which is appropriate for scale of space.

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